quarta-feira, 7 de outubro de 2009

Escrito nas estrelas

Acompanho o crescimento dos meus dois filhotes através de um site que se chama babycentre.co.uk. Cadastrei as idades de cada um e no caso da Antônia, ele também fornecece além da evolução do bebê na barriga, muitas informações a respeito da mãe naquele período da gravidez. Esta semana, para minha surpresa, a newsletter convidava para uma nova sessão do site, onde se digita o signo dos pais e dos filhos e ele fornece o resultado... Vejam no que deu!!!

Pai de Virgem & Mãe de Sagitário

Your children will grow up learning how to work hard and how to play hard. Finding the correct balance between these two may be challenging for you at times, but due to your flexibility, you'll be able to navigate that tightrope.

The Virgo mum or dad is quite orderly, and you will do your best to make sure your family sticks to a somewhat consistent routine. You're the one who will fret over their health, keeping the house neat and getting the homework and chores done before it's time to play.

Pedro (Virgem) & João (Áries)

Your Aries child's courage may surprise you. She certainly didn't get that brash, aggressive personality from you! Your style is far more cautious and reserved, but not so for your little firecracker. She seems to charge at the world and can be a destructive force sometimes.

Disorder of any kind makes you uneasy, so you'll have to be patient, difficult as that will be, watching your little Aries battle her way through childhood. Instead, remind yourself that she possesses a warrior's heart, and set a good example for her. How could you not? You're practical and respectful of others, and you're sure to be a grounding influence on your little one. Just try not to be overly critical. After all, that fiery, impulsive energy is part of her charm.
The Sagittarius parent takes a much more relaxed attitude. You don't think twice about hauling the family off for a Saturday adventure before the lawn is mowed or the bedrooms tidied up. It's all good, because your children learn important lifelong lessons from both of you.

Eu (Sagitário) & João (Áries)

You and your Aries child share an active, energetic connection. Neither of you is interested in spending long, lazy afternoons at home, and in this respect, you're a great match. Both of you love getting outside and testing your natural athletic skills. Your little one's competitive streak will make you smile even as it pushes you to improve your own personal best!

You'll spend plenty of time chasing after your little Aries as she charges at life. Actually, maybe you won't chase after her. Perhaps instead, you'll simply let her charge, make the occasional mistake, learn from the experience and move on. You're a big believer in experimental learning, and you're not one to hinder your child's freedom. She'll always appreciate your relaxed parenting style because it allows her to follow her impulses and embrace life in her own bold, spirited way.

Pedro & Antônia (Capricórnio)

You'll rarely have to prod your Capricorn child to clean his room or finish his homework, especially if you give him regular pocket money. He naturally grasps the concept of goods exchanged for services, and the perfectionist in you appreciates this responsible, hard-working attitude. Of course, the two of you together can be a little too serious at times. This little one is so sensible, from such an early age!

It's important to relax sometimes, so let's hope there's someone in your lives who can help you lighten up and have some pointless fun. If your little Capricorn is too mature too soon, he could miss out on some of the best parts of childhood, including care-free laughter and freedom from responsibility. Of course, helping your little one relax and take life less seriously means you'll have to push yourself to do the same.

Eu & Antônia

Even from an early age, your little Capricorn is likely to be more practical and dependable than you are. While you're a child at heart, he's serious and mature, even when he's still in nappies! He has a well-developed sense of responsibility, not to mention a deep need for stability, so your playful, care-free energy might make him feel more than a bit insecure. You can help him lighten up a little, but do try to give him the secure base he needs, even though reliability isn't exactly your strong point.

Your child is ambitious and hard-working by nature, so praise him for completing his homework early and taking such good care of your family pets. Then remind him that all work and no play would make anyone a little dull, and get him out of the house for some eye-opening, mind-expanding fun!

João & Antônia

These two have few similarities, which could cause problems between them. Your spirited, impulsive, irrepressible Aries child is all about taking risks, which rubs your Capricorn child up the wrong way. Sensible and mature from the start, little Capricorn possesses an old soul. Unlike her Aries sibling, this child is willing to work hard toward meaningful goals and responds well to reward systems, such as a star chart for helping keep her room tidy. As for how well these two get along, well, put it this way: Aries wants to be the leader, but little Capricorn considers herself the boss. Major sibling rivalry could ensue if you don't step in first. But if you can get these two to work together, there's almost nothing they can't accomplish. (And it'll be Capricorn keeping her sibling on task!)

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